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  When tax attorneys Anthony and David Parent first started IRSMedic, their focus was on helping businesses and entrepeneurs that had tax problems. In the course of fixing problems, they also learned the best way to avoid tax problems. They grew the firm into something much more than just a tax law firm. The firm … Read more

Watch the Repeal FATCA hearing live April 26, 2017 2 pm EDT on IRSMedic

Claudine and I will be in Washington, DC to support the effort to repeal the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA). Proponents of FATCA claim it assists in tax compliance. But those impacted by the law, many of them our clients, know is it a senseless, mindless absurdity whose human costs far outstrip the trifle revenue its supporters claim it raises.

Penalties for unfiled taxes

Now that April 18th has passed, most people have completed their tax returns and won’t think about taxes again until next year. Most…but not all. What are your options if you haven’t filed taxes?

IRSMedic on the Chaz & AJ Show

Anthony recounts one tax nightmare involving an unreported “foreign” account and a holocaust survivor. How he reduced a potential $250,000 penalty down to a $2500. But how he still wanted to fight for less

He also gives some general tax advice to WPLR listeners.