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Obamacare penalties and IRS tax debts

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2016 IRS OVDP FAQ updates…not a lot

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Should I File An Offer In Compromise?

Do you owe the IRS back taxes?  Are confused on whether or not you should file an Offer in Compromise? If so, you’re in good company. On one hand, it may seem like an IRS Revenue Officer or IRS employee is encouraging you to file an Offer in Compromise. On the other hand…

Understanding the IRS OVDP Offshore Penalty


The IRS claims that the current Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program rules present taxpayers faced with a potentially high IRS offshore penalty the chance to disclose their foreign assets voluntarily and accept an  IRS Offshore Penalty of 27.5% or 50% and is intended to be a better option than facing the FBAR penalties themselves. 


The IRS offshore penalty is reduced to 5%  for Streamlined filers who live int he US. Meanwhile, expats have a 0% offshore penalty. 


What does the Offshore Penalty attach to?

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