How to file an IRS appeal

If you disagree with the IRS’s determination or collection actions on your case, you may request an IRS appeal conference by filing a written request protesting their decision.

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While there are exceptions (UK, and Malta for example) in most cases, the benefits of foreign retirement plans begin to get outstripped by the detriments imposed by the IRS. The US tax treatment of Australian Superannuation Funds owned by US persons is one superlative example.

FBAR Penalty Guide

When people hear that FBAR penalties could potentially be up to 50% of your account balance, they rightfully get upset. The world of FBAR penalties is a large, complicated one. We’ve created this FBAR Penalty guide to help you muddle through.

FBAR filing tips

Many people assume that only bank accounts need to be reported on the FBAR. This is incorrect. Some things you might not realize need to be included on your FBAR form: 1) Fixed deposits 2)Life insurance policies 3) Mutual funds 4) Some pensions…

A look inside C Corp Audits

The higher the potential for a “good” outcome on their end, the more likely the IRS is to conduct an audit. With the complicated requirements of the U.S. tax code for corporations, they’re ripe for the picking.

C Corp Form 1120

IRS Form 1120 is the U.S. Corporation Tax Return. It’s used to report income, gains, losses, deductions, credits, and figure the income tax liability of the corporations. Basically it’s so the IRS can get their piece of the pie; and in the case of C Corps, the tax bill approaches 39% of the pie. That’s a lot of pie

The decision in the Gubser FBAR case

Benard Gubser is a dual US – Swiss citizen who had a Swiss bank for which he failed to disclose in 2008 on an FBAR Form. The IRS has his case winding through the FBAR penalty assessment procedures, and it was threatening, but had not actually assessed any Foreign Bank Account (FBAR) penalties. …