How to deal with an IRS auditor

Being audited by the IRS is a real thing. At times, a real scary thing. If you are being audited by mail, then most of your communication with the IRS will be via, well, the mail. But if you are being audited in person it’s a whole different ball game and you need to be careful about what you …

Tax consultants for foreign investments into the US

How can non-US investors — from Europe and Asia — lower their taxes and diversify their portfolio using the US system? What tax problems must one avoid? We help our world-wide clientele deal with the very complicated US tax code so that they do not miss out on any opportunities.

Those 3 crazy things never to say to the IRS

Back in 2008, IRSMedic founder Anthony Parent created a YouTube video called “Three Things Never to Say to the IRS” and since it’s upload it has been viewed over 227,000 times(!) And as much as we make fun of Anthony and his ‘over performance’ we realized that the message of the video is …

FATCA Penalties for Individuals

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to understanding reporting requirements for offshore accounts, and the IRS likes it that way. The more errors that are made in reporting (or non-reporting), the more penalties the IRS can assess.

Tax Court: What to do & what not to do

We will sometimes have clients come to us and declare “I want to take my case to Tax Court!” Often we need to stop the runaway train they’re on and convince them otherwise. There are many other stops on the way to …

FATCA – will it be around forever?

I really hope not. There were hopes and rumblings that FATCA may go away some day soon; but upon reading remarks from Acting Assistant Attorney General Caroline D. Ciraolo at the American Bar Association’s Tax Section midyear meeting on Friday, we can now say that doesn’t …