IRS Fresh Start Program Myths

Does the “new” IRS Fresh Start Program make tax resolution easy? There are no new guarantees, which is really a shame. Where we have seen some success with the IRS Fresh Start Program is in the speed of acceptance of some of our presented offers and installment agreements.

Does the IRS Fresh Start Program actually work? An overview.

The IRS Fresh Start Program isn’t just for your benefit. It is for the IRS. The program is designed to help individuals and small businesses with overdue tax liabilities, and it also has the benefit of helping the IRS by removing taxpayers from its vast collection inventory. The IRS Fresh Start s a bit of a win-win — the initiative makes it easier for individual and small business taxpayers to pay back taxes and also avoid tax liens (or get them withdrawn). In this article, we will give you the overview of how its been helping our clients.

IRS Fresh Start Program Webinar

IRS Fresh Start Program Webinar Recorded on April 23, 2015 at IRSMedic Headquarters in Wallingford, Connecticut.
IRS Fresh Start Program Overview
Join tax attorneys Anthony E. Parent, Robert Lyon and tax resolution specialists Tim Pepe, Michelle …

IRS Tax Debt Forgiveness Program: Payroll tax debt success story

To succeed in an IRS tax debt forgiveness program you need to know what you’re up against. Let me tell you about Steve. In 2011, Steve was in a really bad place. He had just gone through a prolonged, nasty divorce, and his one-man landscaping business had recently gone under. That would be bad enough, but we also have to throw in that his business had run up a six-figure tax liability. Like so many of our clients, Steve’s IRS tax problem stemmed from striking out on his own in hopes of building a fruitful and independent life.

IRS and Foreign life insurance and OVDP implications

Foreign life insurance plans are considered non-qualified insurance by the IRS, and as such, taxpayers are required to calculate and pay tax on what the IRS deems to be “income on the contract.” It’s not a very well known obligation for foreign filers, and neither professional tax software …

How to have a positive OVDP Experience

Making an offshore voluntary disclosure is easy. Slap together a few documents and you’re done, right? Well, not so fast…preparation is the key. Putting together a sloppy voluntary disclosure will only lead to more problems. How? For starters, your submission will be reviewed by an actual…