2015 FBAR filing procedures

***UPDATE***All FBARs are now filed online, and are no longer due in June. They are due when your tax return is due. 2016 Info available here***


Great news! Just great, great news for those US persons with 2014 FBAR filing requirements due on June 30, 2015.


The criminal registration system for your bank accounts is now easier for millions of Americans to use!

Foreign Bank and Financial Account Report filers can now choose between the two different methods of compliance they will be forced to endure!

  • Subjects of the US government can use the old way — downloading an Adobe PDF, filling it out and then uploading to the criminal registration website.
  • Or supplicants can use a new online form that only requires an Internet browser to waste time and resources, all under the threat of massive penalties, that for whatever reason, have never been assessed against the terrorist masterminds the law claimed it would.


The PDF form allows filers to save the form locally so that it may be reused or resubmitted as an amendment. The online form downloads as a read-only copy of the information submitted and cannot be edited for reuse. Both options can be accessed clicking here.



If you need assistance filing your FBAR, or if you are concerned about unfiled or misfiled FBARs, contact us. We can help.