H&R Block Tax Preparer Errors: FBARS, Form 8938 & OVDP

I just got off the phone with a new client, “Kat,” from San Diego. This is part of her story — I make no claims of its veracity. This is simply what she has told me. I invite a spokesman from H&R Block to leave their input. The taxpayer claims H&R Block tax preparer error led her to not report foreign …

Help with back taxes – 3 things never to say to the IRS

Back tax help

What are Three Things never to tell the IRS? Watch this video and find out important information on getting help with back taxes. No doubt it is tricky, and no doubt there are many tax resolution scammers out there trying to separate you from your money — just like the IRS, …

What does the IRS “Standard” OVDP process?

NOTE: This article was written on February 2, 2014 IRS OVDP  process rules have changed substantially as announced by the IRS on June 18, 2014. This information presented below should be viewed with care. While there is no substitute for legal …