Should you use the IRS Offer In Compromise Pre-Qualifier?

Have you tried out the IRS Offer in Compromise Pre – Qualifier?  Well, we have. In fact, I decided to input numbers from a recently accepted IRS Offer in Compromise with the exact numbers as originally submitted with the client’s IRS Form 656. And the results: Surprising. But not for the reason …

IRS Offer in Compromise Form 656: Where it go?

If you are looking to submit an Offer in Compromise to settle your back IRS debt, and search for IRS Form 656 “Offer in Compromise” on irs.gov, and click on the suggested link, you will be directed to a 404 error. So where can you find IRS Form 656 so that you can submit an Offer in Compromise?

ObamaCare Tax Penalties: Better To Take Them?

According to the rollout timeline for the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we may be in the eye of what has been a long and complicated first stage of policy implementation. Where are we on that timeline exactly? Let’s review: Launch of healthcare exchange plans – October 1, 2013. Penalty …

ObamaCare Tax Penalties: What Are They Exactly?

Over the last several months, a lot has been said about the state of healthcare in this country. Let’s be honest, very little of it has been positive. Words like: “broken”, “unstable”, and “confusing on a good day” come immediately to mind. Did we mention that this describes a supposed …