What is a Form 5472 and when it is required to be filed?

IRS Form 5472 fulfills the reporting requirements outlined in Title 26 United States Code, Sections 6038A and 6038C, and it is used for the reporting foreign corporation to disclose information about certain reportable transactions that occur with foreign or domestic related parties.

IRS Form 5471: Which Filing Category Applies To You?

When it comes to filing IRS Form 5471, it can be tricky for expats to determine who exactly must file the form. The general purpose of the return is informational in nature, and the broad category of persons affected include U.S. Citizens and residents (wherever in the world they reside) who …

Offshore Disclosure and FBAR Amnesty success stories

We are fortunate that so many of our great clients are kind enough to share their OVDP experience; to give hope and inspiration that any tax problem can be made better. Here are a few Offshore Disclosure  and FBAR Amnesty success stories.

“Thanks for everything” – …

Offshore Bank Accounts: Will The Fifth Amendment Protect You?

If you have money overseas and you’ve been hearing about the IRS crackdown on people who haven’t reported their offshore bank accounts, you may be feeling anxious about it. The penalties are big enough to wipe out all the money that’s there, and even criminal prosecution is being used against …