Lame IRS Phishing Spam

This just showed up in my inbox:

First thing: The IRS never sends emails to taxpayers. If you get any email claiming to be from the IRS, it is spam. Ignore it. Now, as a tax professional, the IRS will email me certain documents. But if email is used, it is only from someone I know. And if it …

The Four Most Dangerous Types Of Revenue Officers

Check out this post over on sister – site irstaxreliefattorney.net: “the Four Most Dangerous types of Revenue Officers.”

Here’s my fav:

3. The guy/girl you jerked around.
Sometimes he’s willing to let bygones be bygones. But sometimes he or she will take it personally. And sometimes …

Should I filed an OVDP Or Not?

UPDATE 2016: Since this article was published in 2012, there have been dramatic changes to the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure (OVDP) programs. First, the old Streamlined Procedures, which incredibly few people qualified for was greatly liberalized in 2014. The biggest winners: “Non – willful” …

Credit Suisse: Giving Up More Information To The IRS

The Wall Street Journal is reporting today more success for the IRS’ fishing expedition investigation into Americans with unreported foreign accounts.
ZURICH— Credit Suisse is handing over more internal documents to U.S. authorities in response to Washington’s crackdown on tax evasion, …

Student Loan Creditors: Appreciate Your IRS Tax Collector

When we think of evil handlebar – mustache – twirling villains, typically it is the taxman. Sure as good be and even I may have fanned those flames a bit. But the truth is, next to student loan creditors, the IRS tax collectors are patron saints of kindness, understanding, harmony, set to the …

Capital Gains Tax Rates: Two Taxes In One Package?


Why the capital gains tax rates should be indexed for inflation to avoid double-taxation.

What are the capital gains tax rates? The official answer is deceptively easy. The capital gains tax rates are 15% for long-term capital gains, and short-term capital gains (held less than a year) are taxed at the ordinary income tax rate as determined by your tax bracket. But the entire truth, is much harder to explain.


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IRS Streamlined OVDI

UPDATE: The 2012 Streamlined Program has been, fortunately replaced with a far ore favorable rules. Learn more about the new program in our 9 – minute guide to Streamlined OVDP. The information below is out of date, but presented as proof of actual improvement  IRS procedures.
*              …