13th Amendment: Does Income Tax Violate 13th Amendment?

Isaac Brock Society Guest Post Article:  Questions and Thoughts about the 13th Amendment and the Income Tax

In a guest post for the Isaac Brock Society, I wrote a few words about whether or not the income tax violates the 13th Amendment. Here’s the conclusion of my piece:
“…y point is …

Federal Tax Lien Withdrawal Request: Does The IRS Comply?

I credit Taxpayer advocate Nina Olson with some fine work getting the word out about federal tax lien withdrawals. In fact, lien withdrawal requests have increased 142% from 2010 to 2011.

So how has the IRS been doing with these federal tax lien withdrawal requests? The Treasury Inspector …

US Banks Disclose Foreign Deposits: Congress Tells IRS To Wait

As you know if you’ve been paying attention, the IRS has stepped up its efforts to crack down on “tax evaders” beyond our shores. A number of restrictive regulations and reporting requirements are currently set to take effect in 2013. Many taxpayers and business officials have complained about …