Soft Disclosure? Or Disclose Properly?

UPDATE 2017 – Learn about the current Offshore Disclosure Programs here.


Anthony R. Parent, Esq. of Parent & Parent LLP warns taxpayers about soft disclosure and properly disclosing offshore accounts. WALLINGFORD, CONN.


The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Initiative (OVDI) is the Internal Revenue Service program offering a chance for taxpayers to declare foreign income and assets, pay a penalty, and avoid criminal prosecution.

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CT Tax Help

Although our tax firm is willing to help taxpayers around the world, Parent & Parent was actually founded in Connecticut and still has an office there today. While we do enjoy video-conferencing and talking to our clients over the phone, we also appreciate the opportunity to meet clients in person. If you're looking for a local CT tax lawyer and prefer face-to-face contact, give us a call.

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Soft Disclosure: Good Alternative To IRS Voluntary Disclosure?

Should you make a soft disclosure or quiet disclosure to report unfiled FBARs?
We handle a lot of inquiries from taxpayers trying to figure out if they really need to enter into the 2012 IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program. Oftentimes, we are told that a CPA has recommended to our client …

Swiss Private Bank: Wegelin & Co. Indicted By IRS

In a unique case, the IRS charged a Swiss Private Bank instead of individuals: The Wall Street Journal reports that the IRS has just seized $16 million from private Swiss Banker Wegelin & Co. out of a bank account they held at UBS AG in Stamford, …