God’s work can’t save you from IRS

My stats show that there are about 23,000,000 businesses organizations in America. Out of 23 million, 1.5 million of those are non-profits — most of them being churches.  Even though non-profits account for something like 14% of all business organizations, non-profits will be getting 25% percent of the attention from a new audit program just announced by the IRS.


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Tax rebate fraud: Country in the best of hands

So let’s say you have a brilliant idea. And here it is. You “find” the social security numbers of 250 dead people and file returns for them. And on these returns you say they had all with money withheld. So you send phony returns in, and wait for bogus refund checks to arrive.

Dumb idea, …

Audits on Wealthy to increase

No doubt, a lot of low – income (or those who claim to be low – income) cheat on their taxes. A huge trend we saw (and continue to see the results of) is audits of those whose reported income was so low, they were entitled to  Earned Income Credit.

Oftentimes, these folks call us and ask us …

Tax Mistakes Independent Contractors Often Make


If you are an independent contractor, doing your taxes can be especially challenging. When we work with clients who are independent contractors they either avoid deductions out of fear of the IRS, or they go the other way and look for ways to cut those taxes that can get them into trouble.


The most common errors independent contractors make that should be avoided


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