Another Obama Nominee with an IRS problem?

I remain convinced that President Obama nominated some people he should not have because of their tax problems. Now we have news that the New York Times reports yet another nominee has an issue. But I'll be honest, at first blush, this does not look like much of anything.


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I renounce my citizenship, does that mean no more IRS?

The IRS is in unique company as it is the only major country that has has universal jurisdiction to tax whatever you make, anywhere. This is quite barbaric in my opinion. This applies to any US person (person means citizens or resident alien or VISA holder). Many taxpayers are having enough and are an thinking that it is time to say good bye to the IRS. But doing so is tricky.


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Connecticut Tax Amnesty Almost Over

e are a little over the halfway point of the Connecticut Tax Amnesty program that expires on June 25, 2009. The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services (DRS)  has been marketing it tax amnesty program fairly aggressively on the web and radio. So… how is it going so far? 


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